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Drilling Contractors

Aban 8 pte ltd Dubai Branch
Aban offshore limited Dubai Branch 
Deep drilling invest pte ltd  Dubai Branch 
Deep drilling 2 pte ltd Dubai Branch 
Deep drilling 5 pte ltd Dubai Branch 
Deep drilling 4 pte ltd Dubai Branch 
Aban Sagafora pte ltd Dubai Branch 
Vantage Driller 3 Co Dubai Branch 
Atlantic marine services Cyprus group Dubai Branch 
Rig General Services LLC 

Facilities Management

Offshore & Onshore Manpower Services
Support GCC & MINA
Crew change helicopter and boat
Legal Adviser to register & establishing operation in UAE & GCC

Fabrications and Supply of Equipment & Spare Parts

Our Procurement & Material Division, focused on speedy sourcing of materials, equipment & spares, with prompt expedition is a one stop procurement solution for our clients. To enhance our procurement capabilities, we also provide services of workshop fabrication of Structural, HP Piping and other works as per client specifications, according to recognized International & Oil & Gas Industry standards.

Industrial Consulting

Strand energy - Industrial installations inspection consultancies
Friends rig consulting - Industrial installations inspection consultancies
Deep energy consulting - Industrial installations inspection consultancies